Mail Services


picture BCC Mail Manager 2010

What is it? Mailing list data processing software.

What does it do? Performs list optimization, bar coding and CASS certification prior to addressing and mailing.

How does this help? Optimizing a mailing list prior to addressing allows for the most cost-effective postage rate, and ensures the quickest delivery time for your mailing. Identifying inaccurate or invalid addresses eliminates wasted postage.


picture Kirk-Rudy NetJET HP

What is it? Inkjet address printer with inline tabber and IR dryer.

What does it do? Inkjets addresses and barcodes on printed materials, dries the ink and applies seal tabs to pieces as large as 12” x 18”.

How does this help? High-speed inkjet printing and barcoding is the fastest and most cost-effective means of addressing mail. With an infrared drying system, smears are completely eliminated. The single or dual tab closures meet USPS regulations for proper sealing and closure.

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picture Bell & Howell Mailstar 400

What is it? Six-station inserter and inkjet addresser with Kirk-Rudy MatchMate system.

What does it do? Inserts up to six pieces of material into open-side envelopes as large as 6” x 9.5”.

How does this help? Stuff inserts and address envelopes in a single pass for fast and cost-effective mail prep service. The MatchMate camera system provides precision stuffing of variable inserts into envelopes to ensure that envelope recipient receives the proper material.

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